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Food preferences are changing in the New World.

wants to eat healthier by changing his eating habits.
Unfortunately, can't find a place to buy local, healthy food around.

So what does GreenboxFarms do?

We, as Greenbox Farms, transform unused places such as containers, industrial areas, warehouses, shopping malls and supermarket parking lots close to urban residential areas into modular soilless vertical farms where we can grow micro and baby greens. At the same time, we monitor and control all farms with our own artificial intelligence supported software greenOS.
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The nutritional value of microgreens is quite high. In some studies, microgreens have been shown to be between 20% and 600% more nutritious than the ripe vegetable of the plant.


Microgreens have the same intensity of flavor and smell as the ripe vegetables of their own plants.
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One of the key features of microgreens is that they are more sustainable than mature crops; because more nutritious products can be obtained in a shorter time by using less soil and less water.

Our Vision

At Greenboxfarms, we envision a world where agriculture gives back to people and the planet more than it consumes. We think that we should start the change as soon as possible. Because with the increasing world population, we need to increase our production by 70% by 2050.

Traditional agriculture uses 70% of the world's fresh water.

Greenboxfarms filters and recycles water to reduce consumption. Thus, we save 90% water.

For over 40 years, we have lost 30% of the world's arable land due to unsustainable farming practices.

Greenboxfarms transforms disused industrial areas into local farms.

There are traces of pesticides in 70% of its production in the world.

Greenboxfarms does not use any pesticides in their production.

The precarious global food supply chain is vulnerable to environmental and economic disruption.

Greenboxfarms creates integrated agricultural areas that grow vertically 365 days a year in a closed environment, closer to the consumption point.

In the field, seeds are selected largely for yield, transportation and chemical resistance.

Greenboxfarms selects non-GMO seeds that are free of contaminants and contain only aroma, texture and taste.

In 2018, 11.1% of US households were food insecure.

Greenboxfarms aims to democratize access to fresh and locally grown food.

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At the end of 1 year in the 28 m2 modular Greenboxfarms;



Reducing CO2.



Water saved.



Land saved.



Fuel economy on food delivery.

Independent Climate

We produce indoors 365 days a year, independent of the climate.

Local Production

We produce in areas close to urban settlements. So our food that travels less is always fresher.

Traceable Food

All of our products have a traceable food certificate. You can reach the details about your product by scanning the QR code on the package.

Zero Pesticides

We never use pesticides and herbicides. Thus, our products are much healthier.

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greenOS is a cloud and Web-based vertical farming software. Since it is web-based, it can be easily accessed from all devices such as tablets, phones, computers. In addition, it can automate the farms and ensure that the food is traceable.

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greenOS stores all information in the cloud, from planting seeds to harvesting. And when the plant is harvested it generates a QR code. When consumers read this QR code, they can easily access information such as production process, planting time, harvest time.

GreenboxFarms Academy

It is highly recommended that all operators be properly trained before operating the Greenbox. This is very important to avoid disruptions and to ensure optimum long-term operation of the farm.

Do you want to start production with GreenboxFarms?

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