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Demand for sustainable and local food has never been higher.

Build a successful farm business with Greenbox Farms.

Greenbox Farms, which has a unique business model in the world, uses its own unique technology while doing this business and provides high profits to its dealers thanks to its technology.

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What is GreenboxFarms Franchise Program?

       GreenboxFarms offers turnkey facilities, from 28 m2 to 1000 m2, through dealership, in order to spread local food.

Whether you have experience or not. Become the owner of a local farming business by following the steps below.


Every great business starts with a smart business plan. The business plan will help you understand the market, create a vision for your business, decide which customers to target and which plants to grow.

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Think you’d like to start farming in your community? Start with market research: Who are your potential customers? What are their needs? What are the average prices for greenery in your area? These questions will guide you in the right direction of business.

Once you’ve identified your customer base, it’s time to decide what to grow. Whether you focus on a single crop or choose to grow a different variety, you will provide your customers with incredible quality.

You’ve done your research, now put it on paper! By organizing your plan in one comprehensive document, you can approach financiers, potential customers and local government officials with confidence.

Use our guide to impress everyone with a professional business plan. Download our Business Plan Writing Guide to get started.

Know the Market

Decide What to Grow

Prepare Business Plan


Our comprehensive training programs prepare you to start farming as soon as your Greenbox arrives. With options for each type of learning, our Customer Service team will guide you through the entire training process.